Mortgage advice in Apeldoorn and Kampen

Mortgage advice from Harms & Bakx in Apeldoorn en Kampen means advice from an independent mortgage advisor. With a choice of more than 30 lenders, we act not in their interests, but yours. With a mortgage fom Harms & Bakx, as one of our customers you’ll get what you’re entitled to: a mortgage with the best conditions and the lowest monthly payments. Would you like to know what your options are? We can give you free, no-obligation advice. Schedule a free mortgage consultation at our office, at home, at work or online from your own bank. Read on to learn about the advantages of choosing us.

Why take mortgage advice from Harms & Bakx?

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Wide range of lenders

Harms & Bakx work in collaboration with no fewer than 34 lenders, making us independent in the true sense of the world. This means you can be sure that we will advise you as to the best mortgage at the lowest mortgage rate. Nothing is more annoying than having to turn down the most suitable and cheapest lender because we don’t have a collaboration with them. That's why we're continuously working to increase our coverage.

We work together with the following lenders:

  • BLG
  • Rabobank
  • Woonfonds
  • Munt
  • Tulp
  • Obvion
  • Lloyds
  • Lot Hypotheken
  • Reaal
  • bijBouwe
  • Tellius
  • Argenta
  • ASR
  • Florius
  • Syntrus
  • ING
  • Robuust
  • Allianz
  • Venn
  • NIBC Direct
  • Centraal beheer
  • Attens
  • SNS
  • Jungo
  • Hypotrust
  • Nationale Nederlanden
  • Delta Lloyd
  • Conservatrix
  • Merius

Expert and independent advice

Taking out a mortgage is a significant step that can sometimes cause quite a lot of stress. That is why it’s important that you are properly assisted by an expert and independent advisor. With Harms & Bakx you’ll be sure to make the right decision. In addition to your goals and wishes, the best interest rate and the most favorable conditions, we tailor our mortgages to your experience and situation. In this way we determine whether you should take a risk or play it safe. Consider, for example, the risk of unemployment, incapacity for work, divorce, death, but also a drop in income on retirement. Based partly on this, we recommend a long or short fixed-interest period and, by agreement, we take out the necessary insurance for the risks that you can’t or don’t want to run.

Including during the mortgage term
Our advice doesn’t stop after taking out the mortgage! You also deserve the best and most suitable mortgage and insurance during the mortgage term, which is why we check every month whether everything’s still OK for you. With our self-developed software, we check every month whether the mortgage still suits your situation or whether switching lenders might be a better option. Even if we haven’t found a more favorable mortgage, we’ll let you know at least once a year, but if you wish, every six months or every quarter.

Fast completion

Harms & Bakx is the go-to company for fast completion. All our processes are designed to reach a final agreement as fast as possible, without this detracting from the quality of our advice. Smart automation means we waste as little time as possible.

Did you know that the most time lost is in submitting documents?
Unlike other advisors, Harms & Bakx prepares your file straight after the first (free) consultation. This means that we have the file ready immediately the application has to be submitted. In order to guarantee rapid completion, we sometimes ask for more documents than necessary, but we never have to request extra during the application.

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The lowest mortgage rates

We keep track of the interest rates of no fewer than 257 lenders on a daily basis. Would you like to know the lowest interest rate? Then take a look at our overview.

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