Mortgage with a negative BKR registration

A mortgage with a negative BKR registration does not always form an obstacle.

Did you have a payment arrear in the past with a mail order company, credit institution or other financier? Then there is a good chance that you are stuck with a negative BKR registration. Depending on how you have handled the situation, you have one of the following codes: A, A1, A2, A3, A4 or A5, with or without an H (resolved) code. Because a negative BKR code remains for at least 5 years after the credit is repaid, getting a mortgage is often very difficult. Yet this does not mean the end...

In recent years, Harms & Bakx has developed into a true specialist in BKR mortgages. We have helped many customers with a BKR code that otherwise could not get a mortgage or home. Although the BKR code is a huge obstacle, there are often possibilities. Every customer is different and every situation must therefore be looked at individually.

Free and open advice on BKR codes

There are many agencies active in the market that deal with the removal of a BKR code. Without any form of guarantee, customers are charged many euros. They play on the desperation of the customer. They know how much people want to buy a house, renovate or transfer their mortgage. We at Harms & Bakx do not participate in these unfair practices. That is why we only work on a performance basis. That means we only charge when we have arranged the mortgage for you. In this way we remain sharp and motivated to make sure your mortgage application actually succeed. Do the free test below and see if we can help you.

How can I get a mortgage with a negative BKR?

Getting a mortgage with a negative BKR registration depends on the situation. Some lenders are willing to provide a mortgage with a negative BKR coding if the registration is simple. Examples of this are the A, A1 or SR coding. There are also a number of lenders who want to help you with coding that has to do with a residual debt, such as RN or RH. With heavier coding, these will first have to be removed, this requires more custom work.

BKR coding removal

Sometimes it is inevitable that the BKR registration will first have to be removed. That is the case with an A2, A3 or A4 coding. Harms & Bakx will ask the lender to make a careful assessment of interests. In very many cases, the protection against over-credit is disproportionate and not in proportion to the disadvantage that arises from the BKR registration. The lender who placed the registration can then, in that case, proceed to removal. In a few cases, the coding is placed incorrectly and we request the lender to correct the mistake.

Costs of removing BKR coding

The mediation for the removal of the BKR registration is part of our mortgage advice and costs nothing in advance. For mortgage advice you pay the regular rate with a surcharge of € 500,-. The advantage of this is that you only pay if we succeed in arranging your mortgage. This way you have no risk and make no unnecessary costs like at BKR removal agencies, if it does not turn out to be successful.

Mortgage with A or A1 coding

The A (arrear) and A1 (arrears with payment plan) coding are the most innocent negative codings. If you have an A or A1 coding, then you have the best chance that we can help you. There are a number of lenders who will still lend you a mortgage under certain conditions. One of those conditions is that the coding has since been corrected (arrears have been paid off) or the loan has been fully paid off. Want to know if we can help you? Do the free check below.

Mortgage with A2, A3 or A4 coding

The A2 (claim filed), A3 (write-off or write-down) and A4 (unreachable) codings are heavy codings that mortgage lenders do not accep. In this case we need to look at whether the coding can possibly be removed. This depends on the situation and can not be answered with a simple yes or no. In many cases it is possible to ask the lender to make a careful assessment of interests. In other words, is the BKR coding that prevent over-borrowing not an excessively harsh measure?. Want to know if we can help you? Do the free BKR mortgage check below.

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